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Currently Loving: Burberry Engraved Check Card Case

    Going to the business trip made me bring my business cards all the time in my bag. Not that I'm complaining coz it's one way to create contact and network with people, it's just that they are scattered all over. I don't normally bring the whole chunk of cards in their own box with me, just a couple of them which I think is enough to give out to people whom I meet. In my previous visit to Malacca and N9 recently made me realised how I should get a proper card case to really organize things better in my bag compartments. Otherwise I'm just a typical messy Joe.

    Hence, this image by Burberry come afore. The metal card case with the fashion house's signature check design in black looks absolutely stunning without a doubt. It looks very simple with the hook-clasp closure that opens to reveal the card slot inside, yet somehow oozes understated luxury beneath its chic simplicity. I love not only about its masculine color, but the whole thing especially the engraved checks that brought an edgy feel to this otherwise simple (and very pricey) card case.

    The price is very unforgiving for a tiny thing like this though. Maybe I just went to S&J store at Jusco instead, and get quite similar card case at a fraction of the cost... Come on, that's what we call economy people! (Still, I'm wishing for this Burberry nonetheless...ha!)

    [pix from burberry]