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Balmain Studded 'Safety Pins' Jacket

    Inspirations can be found anywhere, even from the women's closet. Sometimes you can 'steal' the style you see from the womenswear and give it a little twist to make it appear masculine for men to wear. I think it's acceptable nowadays, coz the women actually has started it first. Come on... boyfriend's jacket, boyfriend's jeans, boyfriend this, boyfriend that... where the hell you ladies 'borrow' that look, huh? It's from OUR wardrobe! Yet, I still think men can also do the same - no, not wearing that lace nightie, silly - but, taking some elements in women's fashion as long as you don't go overboard. That's how fashion evolves anyway. (Yet, I still think men should not  carry a Birkin bag. That's a definitely no, no!)

    Rummaging thru previous March issue of Vogue, my eyes suddenly stuck to this jacket which I think beyond cool. The one worn by Arizona Muse in the PUNK'D editorial section. It's a merge between high fashion style and street look. Somewhere in between. It's the studded lambskin biker jacket in blood red by Balmain.

    Actually it's not just about the studded things that embellish the jacket which makes it interesting, but the safety pins ornamenting the epaulette and both sleeves which added to the wow factor to it. Just take a look, and I know you will agree with me. Everytime I saw safety pins on a clothing, it always remind me to Versace.... especially what Liz Hurley used to wear in yesteryears!

    Anyway, this Balmain is awesome. I think it already inspires me on how I'm can deconstruct and reinvent my old jackets too!

    [snaps from vogue march 2011]