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Highstreet Vs. High End: Knitted Tie

    The last time I wore my knitted tie to the office, my colleague, R, asked whether what I'm wrapping around my neck is socks. "Kau pakai stoking ker?"  She asked. I think it's funny coz I can't blame her when she mentioned that since my tie does look like a pair of socks in a way. Probably because both share the same 'attributes' - they're both knitted!

    My encounter with knitted ties is not too long ago - back in 2008 - when I dropped by at Uniqlo Oxford Street and found they got a great collection of knitted ties in various colors. There's horizontal stripes, plain and dotted pattern. And yes, they're all have 'blunt' square in the end. And one of them is this one. (click here to read previous post).

    What I'm quite surprise is that Paul Smith also has a similar version of the 'dotted' pattern in the new SS11 collection. The look and all is almost similar, if not the same, with the one that I got from Uniqlo. While this Paul Smith cost a whopping £84, my highstreet knitted tie cost only £7! See the price difference? So, which one would you choose? Only you can decide. 

    Btw, if you look closer, the dotted pattern resembles 'hearts'. Brilliant, don't you think?