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My Current Favorite Quotes...

    And that's why I enjoy doing what I do - being a Chairman of a big entity in the uni,
    the Secretary of a big conference, the Event Manager for a national symposium, the emcees,
    the leader of a research project, and the team member of other researches too - as well as being a 'teacher'
    ... and a sometimes-I-love-sometimes-I-loathe-it blogger. Coz it's fun.
    I should enjoy it before I'm running out of steam!

    I hate being bored. And I hate boring people.
    That's why you should be ridiculous and spontaneous sometimes coz they add spice to your life.
    And why do people look for perfection too hard? Coz too perfect is boring...
    you need a lil' bit of imperfection to make your life interesting.
    And that include Marilyn Monroe - do you know she got 6 toes on one of her feet?