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Confirmed : iPad 2 Hits Malaysia Tomorrow, 29 April 2011.

    While I was busy filling up my tax form to be submitted by today (I have to do it TODAY!), suddenly I was disturbed by the news that have been awaited by many people here in this country ever since. Nope, it's not about everyone would no longer have to pay their income tax (you wish!!). Not also about higher tax release for individual (I wish, coz I'm kid-less!!). But it's the news about iPad 2 gonna hit this country.

    So, it's confirmed that iPad 2 gonna hit the Malay soil tomorrow on the April 29!

    It is sealed proof by the official Apple website itself with the massive welcome banner on the main page. While Apple is tabling out the choices where to buy the most drooled over gadget of the year, one big question that everyone is asking would definitely be : how much will it cost?

    Apple gadget lovers, behold! The price of the iPad 2 would be cheaper than the first generation iPad. Am I kidding? Nope. Apparently, it has been unleashed by Machine, one of the consessionaires that sell Apple products. Look at the pix below and you would be as surprised as I am with the new iPad 2 price. By comparing with the highest spec (64Gb WiFi + 3G), it dropped a mere RM 200 from the previous model! Again, are you kidding me?

    Oh, let me also tempt you people outside Malaysia too. The price is even cheaper here in this country - way much cheaper - than in the UK even after Apple slash the price on the British Isle. Taking the 64Gb Wifi +3G, iPad2 cost a mere £504, compared to those in the UK at a whopping £659 (by conversion comparison). Ha! Don't you just turned into a green-eyed monster now? So, book your AirAsia flight from Stanstead right this moment... coz that price difference could save you a trip here!

    Ooops.. my tax form. Gotta go! =]

    [pix from apple and  machine]