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GQ Style Italia : Time for Scarves!

    I have a huge number of scarves and still keep it in my possession. Last time when I'm living in the you-know-where , wearing a scarf is not just for the sake of accessory per se, but it also as a protection to the body. I have different types of neckwear - from the wool fringe muffler for fall, to the snood for winter and lightweight scarves for spring and neckerchief for summer - scarf is truly a piece of clothing that can also spice up your outfit. 

    Mentioning scarf as a protection, it indeed serves as a barrier from my body to the harsh climate. Take snood for example, if I don't protect my neck and chest area during the winter I'll definitely be getting pneumonia now due to the cruel cold weather. Or the neckerchief and lightweight scarf which I always wear during summer - without 'em, the inner collar of the shirt I'm wearing is definitely gonna be smudged with the stain from the sweat, since I always walk in the scorching heat back there. And it's ugly... that's why wearing neckerchief can protect from the dirt definitely.

    Anyway, these editorial from GQ Style Italia gives variety of scarves for men to choose from for the Spring/Summer season. Lightweight, prints, plain, short, long... they look good especially the one with monogram LV. How to wear depends on you: let it loose, or wrap it around, or even tie it like a neckerchief. Or you could wear it as a substitute to a tie, if you know the twist!

    [pix from gq style italia]