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Gucci Suede Zipper Boots

    One boots that I truly welcomed with wide open arms is this suede boots by Gucci for Spring/Summer 2011. It's truly seldom for me to find any good suede footwear from Gucci, yet this one just hit the right note from my own perspective:

    1. The fact that it's a boots and I'm a huge fan of any boots, then that's a MAJOR thing!
    2. I love the brown color which is a great for casualwear especially when pairing it with a indigo raw denim, exuding a contemporary wild west feel!
    3. Love the burnish end that add a little flair to the otherwise plain suede.
    4. The 'neck' of the boots looks like a perfect fit which would 'hug' the upper ankle pretty well.
    5. The slim design that compliment the slimfit trousers when pairing it with.
    6. And of course... it's a Gucci. I rest my case!

    [pix from gucci]

    Somehow, looking at this boots suddenly brought a deja vu. How? Well, it looks similar to my Jimmy Choo suede boots I purchased back in Fall 2009. So, are we (the one who bought it) are in fact a fashion foward bunch of people? Ahaks!

    [pix from previous post]