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J Crew Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

    If not because of Mrs Obama, I wouldn't have heard the name 'J Crew'. I think she's a perfect 'unofficial' brand ambassador for that American affordable fashion line which made things look flawlesslesly styled regardless of the price tag it bears. I think that's the true essence of fashion, you have to mix things up to make the look works. Highstreet brand meet high end labels in one ensemble... isn't that what fashion is all about? As what GQ used to put - you don't dress top to toe in a designer label, unless you're mannequin! So true! Oh, mentioning Mrs Obama, did I tell you that I've already met Mobama? Not meet kinda meet.. but I saw her in the Beast she's riding during her presidential visit to London back in 2008. It's pretty cool coz we, the crowd, are really that close to even saw her in person!

    Anyway. J Crew lookbook for Fall/Winter 2011 is looking quite sharp and having lots of tailoring. Tweed, wool, lots of sombre colors is a staple in any fall/winter wardrobe of many. What I'm drawn into about this one is how European it looks - very slimfitting and less gedoboh as most of the American brand is famous for (gedoboh is a local slang for too looser fit, btw!). Kinda have that Zara feel from the Spaniard a little bit.

    Another thing I love about this lookbook is the background: so awesome, giving the feel that you're insiode a log cabin, which is perfect to give that fall/winter ambience. And the fact that they're using lots of top models - Will Eustace, AJ Abualrub, Ryan Kennedy and Francisco Lachowski - that helps to anchor the style together pretty well too (and to perfectly sell the garments!).

    [pix from j crew]