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Leopard-print Tie : Great Minds Think Alike?

    Is it a case of great fashion minds think alike*?

    Nigel Barker is seen wearing the leopard-print tie during the judging in the recent episode of ANTM Cycle 16. Probably to go with the same theme where he shot the model hopefuls in the show earlier wearing the faux fur collection by Rachel Zoe while holding the baby jaguar. Leopard, jaguar... aren't they having the similar 'spot' on them?

    [snapshot from ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5]

    However I can't pinpoint what's wrong with the tie that Nigel wears. Something is not quite right going on there. The combination of colors which is slightly off, perhaps. The one that I got last December might look better than his. Plus, while Nigel's tie is of course from one of the big labels out there, mine is very cheap though. As long as it looks good, that matters!

    [pix from previous post]

    *Aku great fashion minds, ker? X kesah lah Senah