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Liberty of London's Royal Wedding Commemorative Range

    The Brits are gearing up for a massive celebration at the end of the month. It's Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding ceremony that's gonna take place in London on 29 April. There's gonna be a massive bang - probably gonna bring back again the splendour of the Prince & Princess of Wales wedding in the 80s. And of course, fast forward into the new milennium... how's the event gonna be? Would there be any fairy tale ceremony: the horse carriage, the long-train dress, the forever long walk on the aisle, the longest list of world renown guests, etc...etc. Well, let's just wait on the day itself!

    While the world is buzzing on the who's gonna design Kate's dress? enigma, on the other part of the country some opportunist is making use of the hooplas to come up with so many memorabilia for the event. Latest to join the bandwagon is Liberty of London, that offers an array of merchandises to celebrate the wedding of the new milennium.

    There's commemorative mugs and plates, teabags bearing the Royal Family (it's so funny!), apron, tea towel, tote bag designed by Simeon Farrar, etc... etc. It's pretty cool especially when they're all sold in the uber-unique store Liberty, known for its Tudor-like building which is a must-visit when you head up (or down) to London. So, better get them fast - coz who know in 10 years time you may flog 'em on Ebay and could reach up to thousands of dollars!

    P/S: see the 'Royal Wedding' banner by Liberty... they use 'Big Fat'! =)

    [pix via racked]