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Nail on the Steel

    What would you do if you wanna stick something on the wall - a reminder note, for example - but it turned out that the only available space is made out of steel. You can't use any pin to puncture the wall, can you? The easiest thing to do is to take any hard nail made special for the steel surface and voila... knock one on the metal wall or metal post, and you got what you want. Stick the note on it.

    But if your building is ever so amazing by itself, someone would definitely say "OH NO YOU DIDN'T??!!" when they see you did one. And that what happened to me recently when my colleagues visited my office and see this. "Whaaattt?? You nailed the wall?? You can't do that!!?"

    But before they went on to any elaborative lecture, suddenly I just pull it out and say... "it's a fridge magnet, silly", and then you see their jaw dropped. Ahaks! Gotcha...