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One Gucci Floral Shirt. Many Editorials.

    Floral shirt is a bit of a minefield for men's fashion. Not many dare to wear floral, afraid that it will appear too feminine. Yet, people has forgotten that floral shirts are a huge thing back in the late 60s and echoed to the early 70s, during which the flower power movement is taking place as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology. Truly a retro, floral shirts kinda seep through into the Nineties and the Noughties too, especially in the Spring/Summer collections. I dunno why there is a hesitation for Asian men to wear floral shirt. Is it a taboo? Is it because they have a closet mindset? What I don't understand is that they are willing to wear batik but not floral, which I think is a bit of a double standard coz in the end both share the same thing - FLORAL!

    Channeling the 70s vibes Gucci has come up with one floral shirt which I think quite subtle yet a bit stand out. It's the one in blue flowers and paisley print. Looking at it I think it somehow oozes understated Oriental sensuality, where the overall look reminisces the Indonesian batik a little bit. They come in either blue or flesh tone base that envisage the retro feel.

    Is this Gucci gonna be a hit? I bet, yes since it already made its way into many editorial spreads. From the one modeled by Gen Huisman in the Metal magazine with the header '70s by Gucci', to the one in the cover of Men's Folio Malaysia in March issue... and again in its editorial spread in April issue. It's also made a cut in Men's Uno April issue in black and white photoshoot. Retro, floral yet masculine. And of course, to be worn by those who dare... not to a fainted heart!

    Gen Huisman in Metal magazine (pix via fashionisto)

    In Men's Folio Malaysia March issue...

    ... in editorial spread of Men's Folio April 2011.

    Another black and white photo featuring Gucci floral shirt in Men's Uno April issue.

     The shirt can be found at

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