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The Overnight Bag

    For two consecutive weeks late last month I did my weekend break outside the comfort of my own home. I can say that in this new year 2011, I hardly went away from the vicinity of my house due to so many commitments in hands. The big university events that I'm chairing, the classes I have to handle, the errands here and there - really, finding a suitable time just to go for a quick weekend break is truly a big luxury, if it's any.

    And suddenly I got a call from my uncle from the other side of the Titiwangsa, asking me to come home for my cousin's wedding. Well, I actually demanded him to call me personally to invite me to come to the event, otherwise it's not worth if it just my mum who broke the news to me instead. (I'm so mischeavous divo, huh?). So, voila... he called me one night and the next week, after about 6 hours driving, cutting thru the hills and passing thru the big lake, alas I'm in Newcastle for the wedding fiesta. (Oh, Newcastle as in Kota Bharu, okay...ahaks). I just stayed overnight where the next day I have to rush home instantly. Seeing my quick exit from the house, my 100-year-old grandma asked, "you came home just to attend the wedding?". Umm, yes... and she added "ohh.. you're such a good boy!!" *big grin*

    And then the next week, I went for another weekend break in KL area. I was having a meeting at the Twin Tower that morning and it lasted to the late noon. I decided not to go home, but to stay overnight at my sis in Sepang. And of course to see my nephew and niece, who can't get enough of me and always make me their climbing tree as usual!  

    Oh, what's the point of writing those actually? It's about quick travel and overnight stay, which is I'm not so good at when it comes to packing my stuff. I always fail in that sense. Every time I brought home my travelling bag, my niece always say "banyak giler barang utk 2 hari?! (there's a lot of stuff for just 2 days?!)". It's so true coz I normally put in so many clothes to give some choices. That doesn't include all the gadgets as well... it's manic. But thank goodness, the size of my bag can still manage to fill all those stuff in (or otherwise I bring another bags if it's not enough, and that's why banyak giler barang!!).

    Anyway, what bag would you choose to bring with you? Travel backpack or duffel bag? Designer or highstreet? Leather, canvas or techno-fabric? Whatever it is, the people at Mr. Porter have chosen for the classic duffel overnight bag for a touch of class. From Gucci to Bottega Veneta, Mulberry to Lanvin... those who have a big wallet could definitely grab those. As for those who are . . .erm. . .skint, plastic bags can also do! :)

    p/s: I'm thinking of another weekend break. Where would I go?

    [pix from mr porter]

    One of my own choice, the tweed duffel bag from Reiss. So simple, yet classy...

    my boots from Gucci. picture taken in Metropolitan tube line, London.