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Pikom PC Fair 2011 @ KL Convention Center

    Not even I got a chance to recoup my energy from the event that my team organized last Wednesday and Thursday, I made my way to KL to visit the most anticipated event for any techno geeks and gadgeteers in this country. It's the Pikom PC Fair 2011 held at the fantabulously huge Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, just offset from the former world's tallest building - the PETRONAS Twin Tower. I have to say I'm very ecstatic to be able to do it all over again - visiting all the PC Fairs - something I think a niche that this country had which I didn't find it anywhere.

    Gadget is huge in Malaysia. Gadget lovers are even a vast numbers out there spanned all over the 14 states. Since Malaysia is also a producer to many gadgets, you can basically find techno stuff and all kind of gadgets almost everywhere in this country. Yet, in PC Fair is where the great deal could be found coz it's some kind of gathering-slash-exhibition to those who wanna see what's hot out there!

    Anyway, Pikom PC Fair 2011 in KLCC is THE one that everyone must go coz not only because of the coveted location, but also the amount of great offers that you can find in the event. About 200 exhibitors participated, and you might think it's a small number. Well, you were wrong since they spanned to more than 8 exhibition hall/conference rooms - which I think in total could be the size of 4 football fields! I guess in yesterday's afternoon alone, the visitors could be around 10,000 people. Or maybe even more.

    Big names are there like Samsung, Sony, Benq, Canon, Epson, Olympus, HP, Western Digital, HTC..etc..etc. Small companies are also participating like the one that sells accessories for iPhone and iPad, USB sticks, laptop bags, etc... etc. There are marketplace, there are section for gamers, a section just for audio, and also for education purposes. The best part, you can compare the prices, see the products in real life, and even haggle to get the best bargain regardless the price tag already shown (you know when you're in Asia, you MUST haggle!). I asked one of the seller why he offers the lowest price for a particular stuff, he replied "competition... there's so many sellers here maaa. Need to compete to offer lowest la!" So true... and that's good for my wallet!

    I ended up bringing home some portable hard drives, iPad and iPhone accessories, 8Gb memory card for the camera (they're cheap, cheap, cheap!!!) and some free goodies. And two bags... but that's not from PC Fair, but from Suria KLCC. Ha!

    My initial plan to buy the AIO laser printer had to be shelled though - there's so many amazing deals from various providers ... I just can't make up my mind. Anyway, there's always the next PC Fair in Penang next month, so I'd better find it there!

    This is the most challenging section when I'm about to find the exit. I have to pass thru this crowd who compete to get customers for their broadband internet services. I've been mobbed, touched, pulled aside... and thank God there's no groping; otherwise it could be another Britney's music video!