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Royal Wedding, Street Style.

    Just think for a sec what happen if Will and Kate suddenly decided to ditch the traditional fairy tale wedding and go for a ghetto or street style nuptials? Instead of all the trumpet and grandeur choir, they rather choose to beatbox... complete with krumping with the crowd in their trainers and sweatsuits. Would that be a wedding to remember? Ha! I think it'll definitely gonna scar the hell out of people's mind for centuries!

    Imagine if the couple chooses Puma: that could be the closest street designer label they could get coz at least it's related to McQueen since the fashion house always did a collection with Puma. Whoa... for sure people will say 'Long Live McQueen' in the headlines as well! Nggg....

    Anyway. Throw out all that thoughts coz the Royal Wedding had just happened yesterday in all full glory and spectacular show one could ever imagine. One word: magnificent! And to commemorate the event, Puma has has teamed up with WeAreHQ as well as a team of creatives to each reinterpret the PUMA Suede Mid. Among the talents were Chase, Murab, Tiffany Baron, Dupelux, Ghettrocentricity and Marco Monteiro Hasse who each offered their own visions of the Royal Wedding.

    Kinda quirky and fun (or funny). They got the Cool Brittania vibes written all the way, from the Royal Guard-inspired sneakers in the signature red complete with bearskin 'hat', the Ssuede Mid that comes with veil, to the one with crown and Union Jack print on it - very wierdly cool interpretation indeed.

    So, go back to the thoughts. Would they do street style? Nah....

    [pix via hypebeast]