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Truly A Shopper

    What if you got only RM500 and have to shop within a 45-min period? What would you get? How well would you manage the budget - would you overspent, or stay within limit. Or would you take longer time to search for things or successfully able to find stuff within the given time?

    Well, that's some of the challenges that the contestants in the new reality show 'Truly A Shopper' have to go thru. It's Malaysia's first reality show on shopping - a cracking show which tested the ability of the locals to find good bargains (and great clothes) in the selected famous shopping malls in the capital. Some do well... some, erm... can I just say meh? As far as the ladies know how to shop for their clothes at affordable prices, for the guys - I think most men in this country are still in their own quest to find the perfect balance between great style and great steal.

    Anyway, RM500? That's like £100!? What can I buy with that? Oh, I definitely know what to get if I'm in Oxford Street coz all clothes are within budget, since highstreet stores there spill all over with fantastic bargains, great choices and awesome fit. But here, we don't really have highstreet labels. Even at Zara and Topman, their prices are like skyrocketed! (Blame the conversion, folks!) The only cheap items that I can find is always the one that are like 'wash today, throw tomorrow'. Or something that is awfully ill-fitted clothes. Or made of polyester. Ugggh...

    I think if I'm in this competition, I'll definitely fail! On the other hand, I should spend more time strolling around the malls in the capital to really do my research on what's great out there, in cheaper costs...

    Btw, any takers for my own Project Uplift , which I'm trying to magically perform a minor makeover to anyone who thinks they're hopeless in their own style? The challenge: I have to find great clothes that fit someone within a very tight budget. Contact me if you're interested. :)