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You Say Classic. I Say Classical... App.

    Ever since my first post that I've already bought a guitar, I've been talking about it on and on. The truth is, I'm still learning to play the instrument till today. And the other real truth is: it's DAMN hard! Harder than learning how to drive. Harder than learning Fluid Mechanics. Or even harder than designing a distillation column! (That's a word to my nephew btw, who's asking me whether he should design a distillation column or absorber for the Design Project - the Chemical Engineering

    And it's true. Playing guitar is so not easy. With all the chords, the frets, the strings to 'pluck'... it's mind-boggling. How you combine all the notes together that make a song - to me, that's like trying to climb Kilimanjaro. So complicated! I dunno how those people out there could make it look that easy ~ and with all the oh-so-endearing tunes that it makes.... I know there's lots of time and effort being spent on this stuff.

    Anyway, for those who's a novice like me (or even less than novice!), you now have a choice on whether...

    Ruch-front tee @ Asos.
    Vest @ H&M
    Raw denim @ Uniqlo
    Wool fingerless glove @ Marc Jacobs
    Studded leather cuff @ He by Mango

    Neo-leather asymmetric biker jacket @ Uniqlo
    iPad, in the YSL patent leather iPad case.

    Brilliant isn't it? Now, for those who have an iPad, you can download the app that resembles a guitar. Codename: Classical Guitar app. And it works! With all the chords that you can scroll down to select, the strings seems to work flawlessly as if you're actually playing a real guitar! And yes, it sounds better of course as compared to how I played. Nggg...

    What's more? There's also options to select whether you're right- or left-handed. Or whether you wanna do auto-pluck (so that you won't have to worry about 'recessing' the other strings in a chord). Or even to have a different frets without having to mess around with the actual 'clip'. Brilliant.

    And the best part: the app is FREE!