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You Say Plural. I Say Floral.

    Ready for Spring/Summer 2011? Then you must be ready for some injection of floral in your wardrobe. For Gucci, floral shirt is not only make its way for this new season, yet it has historically existed even during Tom Ford's reign in the fashion house - back in 2004, to be exact. And it made into the ad campaign with the model wearing somewhat darker pink chrysanthemums on white backdrop.

    Wreck open my own wardrobe, I have a couple of floral shirts in pink/red hues. One is from Zaatxchi collection which I bought at The Sting @ Piccadilly Circus last year. Pretty cool coz it has some retro vibes to it. If you look closer, then you can see the pink roses scatter all over - bringing the English Rose theme to the fore!

    Another piece is from H&M, which I think is the best floral shirt ever coz the design and all are very contemporary. From the color combination that make the floral tones, to the contrast inner layer which is quite revolutionary, to the fit that accentuate the torso very well. This one dated back in 2009, but it looks so timeless and classic.

    So, floral. Would you dare to wear it in this new season?

    [clothes from Zamri's BigFat wardrobe]