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Alex Pettyfer for VMan

    With the movie line-up like Beastly and I Am Number Four and lots more to come, Alex Pettyfer is gonna carve his way into becoming the next leading man in Hollywood; proving the next British export gonna be huge across the pond. Just like his predecessor such as Hugh Laurie, Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley who has already made a household name worldwide.

    And with his previous modelling portfolio with Burberry, it is no doubt he will also be gracing the fashion magazines for many issues in the near future. One perfect example: the VMan editorial spread featuring the white collection from the designer labels like Marc Jacobs, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and of course, Burberry. Snaps in monochromatic black and white, it's proven to be timeless and classic.

    Left: Suit Salvatore Ferragamo; Scarf Charvet; Watch Cartier
    Right: Coat Burberry Prorsum; Shirt, Tie, Pants Paul Smith
    Sweater Marc Jacobs

    Left: Jacket And Shirt Louis Vuitton
    Right: Coat Prada; Shirt Tom Ford; Pants Alexander Mcqueen; Watch Rolex Dayrate
    Coat Salvatore Ferragamo; Shirt And Jeans Sisley; Watch Swatch

    Brief Calvin Klein Underwear; Jeans Sisley

    Left: Shirt Guess; Sweater Marc Jacobs; Pants Louis Vuitton
    Right: Jacket G-Star; Shirt Lanvin; Tie Paul Smith
    Coat Burberry Prorsum; Briefs Dolce & Gabbana; Jeans Sisley
    [pix from vman]