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And They're Feeling Blues...

    Whether they're all inspired by the same idea, or the designers are all feeling the blues at the same time hence came up with quite similar design, that mystery is remain unanswered. Were the shoes are a progeny from one manufacturing factory? That I cannot answer either. But whaterever it is, great fashion minds probably think alike for sure.

    What am I talking about? The black lace-ups shoes with the blue soles. It seems that at least three fashion houses came up with the same design concept : D&G by the dynamic duo Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana, and Raf Simons who designs both for Jil Sander and his namesake's label - Raf Simons. Though I can discounted the Raf Simons own label's lace-ups for having just a mere tint of blue on the soles, the other two... I think they're like a mirror image of one another. Looking at both pixs, I guess you'd agree too.  

    I like the concept of injecting a contrasting pop color for the soles coz it brought a breath of fresh air to the otherwise plain lace-ups. I know it's not everyone's cuppa, probably not for your everyday officewear either. But why not, right? It's for those who dare to stand out in the crowd and be different. That's fashion... sometimes you've gotta push the limit!

    Blue-soled lace-ups @ D&G

    Blue-soled lace-ups @ Jil Sander

    Blue-soled lace-ups @ Raf Simons

    While others are feeling the blues... someone is thinking pink!

    [pix from D&G, oki-ni and gq style]