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BigFat Weekly Links: 10 Links, 10 Reads...

    1. New love for new season: the pigment-less jeans. [click]
    2. ... but for the love of colors, Ksubi brings you the colored denims. (you know you can always get cheaper ones at Uniqlo, right?) [click]
    3. So, you wanna make a cut into the fashion industry, huh? What does it take? [click]
    4. Ok, guys. Be prepared to make your girlfriend leave you for this. Abercrombie & Fitch has unveiled their male model line up for their Paris store. (oh, where's my six pack has gone? sigh..) [click]
    5. Hot weather = sweaty armpit. But how to get rid of that white stains? [click]
    6. The saggers. Ewww.... get 'em out of my sight!!! [click]
    7. Canvas. Another new love for spring/summer. [click]
    8. L’Oreal Will Be Going Cruelty-Free in 2013! [click]
    9. Samsung has released its Chromebook. Looks nice, but wait till the verdicts really pour in [click]
    10. J Crew has arrived at Mr.Porter. And love the style commandments here by the designer... [click]
    [pix from mr.porter]