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Bing! She's a Versace Fan!

    I wanna divert a bit from the men's fashion and jump into the women's atelier. As a matter of fact, I wanna quote what I've written in the previous blogpost last February,

    "...And with Oscar that's gonna arrived pretty soon, some of these gorgeous dresses would definitely be seen on the red carpet without a doubt..."

    Turned out that it's not the Oscar, but at Cannes International Film Festival instead that those amazing frocks from Atelier Versace became a headturner on the red carpet. Not one, but two dresses worn by Fan Bing Bing to the world's most celebrated film fiesta. And it seems that both dresses that I featured side by side in the post is being picked!

    Ha! Told you so. Don't mess with me! I got sixth 'fashion' sense too! (kidding...)

    [pix via redcarpet-fashionawards]