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Blanco Summer 2011 Lookbook

    Blanco is one of the exciting fast fashion house that came out of the Spaniards' counterpart. Very affordable clothing, very trend-alert following and very cool fitting too. I never had a chance to try out Blanco coz then they haven't reached London. But it seems now they started to seep thru the fashion scene by opening a store at Westfield London - though it's just womenswear. Who knows in the future, their men's collection would follow suit and dominate the floors just like Zara and Mango.

    For Spring/Summer 2011 the lookbook featuring Jakub Zelman screams colors, fun, vibrant, and lightweight. Lots of popping hues like yellow, green, blue, pink and salmon gives the sense of exciting summer trend ahead. You got a wide selection from t-shirts, polos, summer jacket, color jeans, shorts, stripes cardigan and swimwear that definitely requires you to buy new hangers in your wardrobe.

    As the name fast fashion house goes, the price is super affordable and would be dear to any students' budget. (not that I'm a student now, ahaks!)

    Btw, their new store's gonna open in Doha. So, those Qatarians (is the term exist? nggg..) will have the chance to wear Blanco too after the Greeks, Portuguese and Saudi Arabians wore 'em. (why suddenly the Aladdin's Arabian Night song playing in my head?)

    [pix from blanco]