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Calvin Klein 'Glimmer' Blazer

    Italo Zuchelli has pushed for the modernist concept with his minimalism take on the classic Calvin Klein for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Though most of the collection punctuates the simplicity chic of the uber famous brand, one piece from the entire look which I think shouldn't be overlooked for is the glimmer suit seen worn by AJ Abualrub in the previous runway show in New York.

    Minimalist? Yes, especially when one talk about the simple Italian cut of the suit. But does it somehow evokes the modernist concept by bringing an pinch of menswear fabrication of the future through the injection of glimmer in it? I think it does. And the result? A beautiful craftmanship and a fantastic piece of collection for a guy who dare to leap into the new quantum of fashion.

    How to do the glimmer without shouting the shimmer to be too tacky in your whole ensemble? Pair it with plain neutral or white so that it'll infuse nicely into the look. It' made you appear chic and timeless. Perhaps to add to a tiny hint of surprise that give away a true sense of masculinity - wear a worn-out denim jacket underneath the blazer. Like this one worn by Garrett Neff in the Details magazine. Awesome.

    [pix from details mag and gq style]