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Calvin Klein Watches to Lust For...

    I have a craze which is collecting watches. It's not a new craze, as it stemmed out a couple of years back when I bought cheap watches from the pasar malam. It's kinda fun to wrap the wrist with a different watches every day, despite the price, coz it made me feel good and quite trendy too. As years pass by, the cheap watches has tranformed into chic watches instead as I like to collect timewear that looks simple but classic. And of course, chic.

    One brand that I truly adore is Calvin Klein. The designs are simple but somehow discreetly stand out. I love where there's no numbers and the face has only the bars to indicate the time. Or even none, which made it quite edgy though requires an effort to really tells the hours and minutes. I dunno why I hate watches with numbers especially the one with Roman digits, coz somehow made it appears too 'old' from my point of view. That's why most of my watches are all sans numbers, except for one chrono watch and the ultraskinny Skagen with its narrow numerics.

    For Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2011, these are some of new Calvin Klein watches that definitely made into my list. Very simple. Yet modern, urbane and timeless.

    [pix from calvin klein]
    illustration using photomess ipad app. download here for free