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Cool Aizat Get Glammed Up

    Those who follow the local music scene would've probably known the name Aizat. He used to win Anugerah Juara Lagu (Champion of Songs Awards) back two years ago with his melancholic song - Pergi. Very ballady, paired up with his husky poppy voice, it's pretty cool and sound quite urban at the same time. The other song that actually I like is Susun Silang Kata - so fresh and vibrant! The guitar chords seem to be great to be played along with. Plus, the lyric is awesome...listen to it and you'll know why *ehem* (it's in Malay, btw).

    Anyway, Aizat is featured in the previous issue of Glam Lelaki, wearing a light-colored suit which happen to be white slim-fit jacket paired with a powder blue trousers. I love how the stylist play with pattern and prints by mixing the monochrome floral shirt with the paisley tie. It just look so chic. Coupled with the fun character of the singer, the whole thing looks very cool!

    (see, you need to put personality to make your outfit work!)

    Suit - The Class @ Robinsons : Shirt - Raoul : Tie - Paul Smith : Shoes - Pedro

    Btw, Susun Silang Kata  is awesome. Love the chorus! :)

    You're like a sort of cross words,
    The last one for me to solve,
    I've been searching for so long,
    Turns out you're right in front of me,
    Life has no meaning,
    If there is no love in the heart,
    For me to continue standing on my feet...