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Esquire Lookbook: The Navy, the Grey and the Neutrals

    You have clothes at the back of your wardrobe that have been collecting dust for as long as you can remember. Or perhaps, the shoes and bags that you bought during the sale but have yet to be used. Or those scarves, and socks, and belts that you never realise has been there in the drawer ever since...but dunno how to pair it together. What would you do?

    Don't throw them away coz they are now officially your 'vintage'. Just take it out, lay them on the floor and find ways how you can reuse 'em all. Chuck stuff here and there and find the 'connectivity' between the colors, the texture, the pattern and the fit so that you could create 'a look'. Like what you see here as being stylised by the people at Esquire. Brilliant, isn't it?

    Think I need to do the same. Now... where do I put my seersucker jacket?

    [pix from esquire mag april & may 2011]