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Etc... Etc... A Little Bit French: Part 2

    I my world, nothing will go unnoticed coz I seem to always pay attention to the surrounding.  There's always something interesting to be found, which include these bags which I've just got.

    I was on the way to the mamak restaurant yesterday to get my usual Nasi Beriyani for tapau. While I was walking on the pavement in front of the line of shops, suddenly my eyes spotted something hanging on the ceiling. No, not the gecko or spider sticking up there, but these laundry bags that looks so überly cool. Something that looks quite familiar too especially with all the scribbles and monogrammed lettering. I stopped to take a look, and guess what I found?

    Oh, my! It's Louis Vuitton!!

    Ok, not quite coz the bags are not really Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton. It's just a cheap laundry bags with fake LV monogrammed on it. The other one is even better, has that yellow Stephen Sprouse famous graffiti print! Both looks fantastic with its black body and light golden lettering. Quite chic, nonetheless. To me, if I wanna buy something cheap, might as well I go for something with a touch of class - and these faux LV monogrammed and Stephen Sprouse bags would definitely make my day. At least it looks good when I bring my king-size duvet to the launderette in it, right?

    They come in different sizes. Price? Less than RM10 (<£2), what more could I ask for? Cheap, but classsaay...! (I think LVMH might go nuts when they saw this, ha!)

    I wish I could get the Louis Vuitton-lookalike binliner just like what I google the other week... classy. Oh, it's not LV, but OV. =)