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Etc... Etc... A Little Bit French: Part 3

    I think I have to bow to the fact that K-Pop is indeed huge in this country. In fact that's what I have to go thru when I went back to my hometown every now and then. It's K-Pop everywhere - on the tele, in the PC, on the magazine - coz my nieces back home are massive K-Pop fans without a doubt. They can even speak and write Korean, all just by learning through the Korean movies they saw on tv. See, how influential does the Oriental thing nowadays. Even Givenchy and Louis Vuitton also succumbed to the Oriental look when they did their Spring/Summer collection this year.

    Mentioning K-Pop, I saw one band on NTV the other day as suddenly their music video appeared amidst the typical English songs the channel played during the wee hours. I don't really hear to any Far Eastern musics coz I don't understand the language at all, except for Rain since he used to appear in MTV USA a couple of years back. (It's raining, it's raining... remember that?). But this boyband suddenly got my attention at that instant. It was whoa... Actually not really about the song - but one of them wearing a YSL t-shirt! For real? A K-Pop singer wears YSL... no way!

    Btw, the boyband is Super Junior. You might be surprised to see there's a lot of members in it. Probably the whole class of 2010, ahaks! I wonder how would they share the profit? Hmmmm...

    p/s: if I form a boyband (or manband), would I go for the name Super Senior then? ngggkkk....

    [pix from ysl]

    Look closer, and you can definitely spot it. It looks like the YSL tee in the pix, though the 'Y' on SuJu is more to inverted Eiffel tower. Btw, I think me and K-Pop share something similar there: going a little bit French. =)

    YSL black patent leather iPad case from net-a-porter.

    YSL taupe grained leather iPad case from net-a-porter.

    YSL Manifesto canvas shopper (got it free in autumn/winter 2008).