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    This is what I used to do when I was in London - rampaging the highstreet stores, trying out their clothes and taking my own pix in their fitting room. Some of the clothes went home with me, some are not depending whether they fit into my 'this is good' list. I sometimes love seeing all those pix, it feels like a big history in my life that I have left quite some time ago. The best part of looking back is how I can see my body also evolved - from being slightly 'packy' to being too skinny, sometimes with almost 6-pack, sometimes with just 1-pack or even flat-pack! But in most - I'm still slim.

    And I learned a lot too by taking a snap of the clothes, coz most of the times what I saw in the mirror doesn't really translated into what I saw thru the camera lens. I've learned one big trick by the stores too, the mirror in the fitting room is actually slightly altered giving what you see in it is not really what you're getting. You know what I mean? If you're too skinny, the mirror tend to make you look slightly gaining weight. I dunno how but that's a nice optical illusion indeed.

    Btw, this is the first installment of the fitting room pix that I've promised quite some time ago. And I hope those people out there know where to find it... (psst... you've gotta go and 'Like' it!). There's more to come, and I hope I can reminisce of what I've experienced before which I don't think I'll got the chance to do it anymore. Well, not as frequent as then!. Enjoy... (and any comment, please keep it clean, ahaks!)

    p/s: I want my fairer skin back!