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Godfrey Gao for Men's Folio Malaysia

    If you switch on the tele every Sunday morning, you would've watch the Taiwanese drama, Momo Love. Pretty cool stories about group of friends who care about each other, though I have no clue nor understand whatsoever the language that they spoken (it's Taiwanese!). And in it, you got to see Godfrey Gao, who is actually the current Asian face fronting the ad campaign for Louis Vuitton for Spring/Summer 2011. In fact, if without the Chinese/Taiwanese drama like that - which include the previous story about volleyball which I saw at home after being forced into by my Chinese/Korean/Taiwanese fanatic nieces! - I wouldn't have heard about this actor before.

    Anyway, Godfrey Gao has graced the editorial in the Men's Folio Malaysia for April 2011 edition. Wearing the SS11 collection by Louis Vuitton thoughout, the ensemble revolves around the Asian influence which can be seen in the prints on the shirts, the trousers and the scarves. (by which if I'm not mistaken are the works of the famous tattoo artist, Scott Campbell). Unlike previos SS10 where there's a lot of citrus like yellows and oranges, this time Louis Vuitton goes a bit subdued in term of the colors used - black, navy, dark grey and earth tones alongside some injection of darker hue of yellow ochre and aqua green. Nonetheless, they looks chic and pretty much luxe at the same time.

    [scanned pix from men's folio april 2011]

    Mentioning Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011, did you know that the menswear ad campaign is actually shot at Cameron Highlands in Malaysia? Whaaattt...??? That was like ... 40 minutes from my house via Simpang Pulai highway! In fact it's my usual route when I travel back to my hometown in the East Coast. Who would've thought that the beautiful Boh tea plantations and the luscious greenery of the Perak rainforest would attract a huge name in fashion - Louis Vuitton - how awesome was that?

    So, from now on - never underestimate Perak, people. It's immortalised in the fashion map!

    p/s: so glad to be back in Perak!