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Hysteric Glamour Patches Denim Jacket

    I remembered when I was a kid I joined the Boy Scout and got to travel around the surrounding neighborhood to raise money. Not just my own neighborhood, but also to the other kampung as well which is a huge area to cover. Me and my friends - all five of us - rode our bikes, cycling almost half a day which I think the travelling distance in total could reach more than 30, 40 km. It's tiring but fun. We had the chance to do all sorts of jobs - sweeping the floor, helping the elderly changing the potted plants in their garden, raking the fallen leaves and etc... etc.. just for the sake of charity. And of course, we got money in return which is cool for a 11-year old like us that time. If I'm not mistaken we raised almost RM100, which is already a huge sum then, considering that people only gave us about RM2 or RM3 per job that we did! (Pity, huh?)

    Anyway. What do we wore back then? The Boy Scout outfit, of course. Among all of my friends, I am the one who went all out - with the twisted rope on my waist, my hat like a sailor and the knife, in which by current standard I could've been caught by the police for carrying a weapon! Erkss. And my Scout shirt - it's all decorated with patch of badges, ranging from the state and country's flags to the soaring Eagle (which is the symbol of my group), and plenty more. It's quite funny coz my friends just went with nothing but the two flags. Me, I think I kinda had some future glance of what a true style could be then . Ha!

    Mentioning patch of badges, I dunno whether I could redo all that style again. But hell yeah, why not... especially if they look like this jacket by Hysteric Glamour. They look cool, very biker, very adult looking rather than too young or boyish. And definitely no Boy Scout, eh? I'm digging the whole denim thing and this jacket got a retro vibes as well. And yeah, again... looks cool. Probably with this one it'll give a good transition from being a Boy Scout to being Boyz II Men. Ahaks!

    (Ooops, Boyz II Men is a group's name, huh? =D)

    [pix from hsteric glamour]