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KG Malia Shladiator

    Time to update with some new shoes in the wardrobe.

    You think crossover is only limited to the SUV? Think again coz one of the biggest trend for Spring/Summer 2011 is the crossover shoes, something which people can't make up their mind whether it's a shoe or a sandal. Some call it cutout sneakers, as seen at Jean Paul Gaultier and Neil Barrett runway shows. Some call it shandals - a cross between shoes and sandals. But to me if the footwear goes towering high above the ankle, the crossover should be called shladiator (shoe + gladiator)!

    Anyway. I love this shladiator from Kurt Geiger. Codename: Malia... just like the name of Obama's daughter, it looks so fiercely cool. The design is a talking point: partly sneakers with the laces in the middle, and partly gladiator sandal with the overall look and stuff. And the padded neck make it much comfortable to wear on the street. Less blisters. Made of fully leather upper and synthetic sole, it is one of the shoes that totally rock the trend.

    How to wear? With a cropped pants, definitely.