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The May 2011 Reads

    Is it me who is too slow, or the time flies so damn fast these days? Oh, okay.. I am the one who is slow. Ha! It feels like it was yesterday that I'm celebrating new year 2011, but hell no... coz now it's already May!? What have I achieved after 5 months in the new year? I dunno. Quite a lot probably, which I don't dare to list out yet before my next appraisal comes to the fore. Nevertheless I'll keep on working on things that I haven't yet to achieve... and more to accomplish.

    Since it's already past half way through May there's so many stuff to read out there. Not just online stuff but also the offline material - the print media. Though we're all having so many ebooks and e-mags these days, I still prefer the old-school : the classic magazine that I can hold with my bare hands (so much for saving the tress, huh?).

    I love books and magazines, and having my own small library-slash-office is quite something and kinda blessing. It's my own resource center. Anyway, these are my reads for May to add to my evergrowing reading materials collection.

    Men's Health Malaysia featuring Chris Hemworth. Love to see MHM is improving in term of its delivery.
    Probably becoz I used to comment in the mag previously? [
    click, click]

    Men's Health UK, which is sent straight from the British Isle to me.
    The best Men's Health mag in the entire world. And it features Chris Hemworth again as part of
    the global MH promo for the Thor movie. Hmm... because he's (Hem)worth it! (ahaks!)

    August Man featuring Matt Bomer. Having more than 40 pages of fashion spread every month
    made August Man my monthly must-have!

    Glam Lelaki featuring the King of Rock, Amy Search. Stripes, Gucci... what an awesome ensemble!

    Maskulin featuring Bront Palarae. Sadly to say, the fashion spread still need a lot of work to do. yikes!

    Esquire featuring Liam Gallagher. i just known that Esquire had a Malaysian edition.
    And that's why I also got their debut issue with Robert de Niro cover on it. The contents? Awesome!

    Men's Uno. I don't speak Chinese nor understand Chinese.
    But I do speak fashion, a universal language. Period.

    Glam, with the 'New Cool' cover. I love that they're all wearing Burberry,
    that's why I bought the mag!

    Hanger Spring/Summer 2011 edition featuring Yuna.
    Malaysia Home & Decor. Last time I always got the Singapore Home & Decor,
    but it seems that they branch out to this country too. Always awesome contents.

    Square Rooms with the 'Eco Chic' issue. I want that sofa on the cover! :)

    Australian Home Beautiful. Another monthly must-have.
    I love Australian decor style. They're splendid as always!

    A new read, the book by the former PM Tun Mahathir. He blogs? Yup.
    Maybe next time I can get his autograph when he visit? :)

    To juxtapose with the rest, this is another book. Not a new read but a new copy for me that I just bought.
    This is a must have for any budding multiphase flow experts or fluid mechanics in general.
    I recently become a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. 
    As a benefit, I got 50% off all books by SPE. Awesome!

    With so many books and mags that I bought monthly, it's good to know that I got income tax deduction from that as well. So, anyone who didn't pay tax, you know to whom you should send those receipts okay...

    And I do wish that with the evergrowing collections, I should expand my home library. Who knows it'll blow out of proportion and become like this library? The most fantabulous one. :)

    p/s: Wait for June 2011 reads. Oh, btw where my Men's Folio mag?