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One Jacket Rule 'Em All...

    Can a jacket really make a huge impression to someone? I think so.

    When I bought the black jacket with cropped sleeves and white hem on the lapels early this year, there was an instant connection that I'm gonna love this indefinitely. I immediately know something was just right about the blazer especially the fit which is very slimming and contouring. It's my second blazer from Sub Zero, but somehow this one got a little je ne sais quoi about it. Less that I know it actually created such a huge admirers and wishers from the local community around.

    I first wore it to the CEO annual speech back in late March. Upon attending the high tea by the hall after the event, suddenly people complimented how amazing I look in it. Whoa.... seriously? Some even touch the lapels, saying it's so very nice!

    So I keep on wearing it quite frequently. Going to the Finance office, people there showered me with compliments. "you look smart. your jacket surely bought from oversea?" Tak pun... Then to the Management office - compliments again. To the library, sitting down on the leather couch while reading the Times magazine there, my former emcee partner said " look so handsome!". (ekekeke) Going to the mamak restaurant, the waiter keep on looking up and down, up and down. Haiyooo....(apa lu pandang2? kasi nasik beriyani free xper la jugak) One time when I went to the cafe, a friend complimented me, but funnily his wife added "dia cantik la pakai sbb tak boroi!" LOL! The best part when I went to a meeting at the Twin Tower, a stranger said "wah, you nampak stylo!" Then there're many occurrances when I created such a headturner everytime I walked through the crowd. People stop and stare. And most will say time and time again, "lawanya jacket!", "stylo giler!"...(wah mood kipas la

    Seriously why does it gain such attention, that I don't really know. Through the photos, it doesn't look that special. (maybe because of wrong angle?). But, in real life ... it does look amazing. Felt amazing when wearing it as well. Probably because people never see someone here wearing such a jacket, that's why they love what they're seeing.  I think.

    Whatever it is, I'm gonna keep wearing it since it is right fit for me. And now I realise how true what one of the designer said (which I can't recalled whom) : when you feel something is right for you, then go for it! (or something like that..lebih kurang la.) =)

    Cropped sleeves blazer - Sub Zero
    White shirt - Zara
    Slimfit indigo raw denim - Uniqlo
    Dark brown Chelsea boots - Emporio Armani
    Watch - Nixon