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PC Fair @ Ipoh

    It's time for Ipoh to get its fair share of the PC Fair 2011. Now that the computer-slash-gadget event has almost come to a circle in the first quarter of the year (circle, means they went throughout the country fyi), the event has reached the City of Bougainvillea in the Silver state of Perak, which is just behind my backyard. Erm.. sort of, if you consider that backyard is about 15 km away...erkkss.

    Anyway, I've just missed the PC Fair at PISA in Penang a couple of weeks back though I know it would be massive considering there're so many booths have been set up in the indoor stadium. As for Ipoh, the event is quite intimate (my kind word for "small") which is also held in the indoor stadium of Indera Mulia. Seeing the venue, I think it is just as big as one conference hall at KL Convention Center where the previous PC Fair was held in the capital. Nevertheless, it seems to draw a huge number of crowd, as the populations of Ipoh and its vicinity itself reaches almost a million people. Not too bad, huh?

    But something special about Ipoh PC Fair is when I got to test iPad 2, which is non-existent during my previous visit to KLCC. It's pretty cool as there're the white and black versions of the much-loved tablet. My verdict? Fantabulous! Very thin, very speedy, quite lighter weight compared to the older iPad, the screen resolution is so much better and almost Retina Display... and yeah, it's an amazing gadget.

    I asked the promoter how long would it take to receive the tablet coz we all know that the waiting list is hell soooo long! He said within 2-3 weeks depending on the model that I wanted. When I check on the other booth nearby the promoter there, however, said I can get it in just a week! Whoa.... tempting. But I think I shouldn't, considering that I already own an iPad. And probably I won't get iPad 2 unless they upped the camera resolution and made the whole screen truly a Retina Display, then it's worth buying. Wait for iPad 3 perhaps?

    this is very early in the morning...

    At Ipoh PC Fair I finally found a printer that I'm looking for. Not a new printer model, an old one, yet it ticks the right boxes in my wanted list. Black, boxy, slim, all-in-one, touchscreen control, does wireless and e-printing, and the best of all - cheap. When it comes to AIO printer, I'm quite bias as I only go for HP coz based on experience I never had problems with the brand. The maintenance service is also free within the warranty period. I don't need to bring it to the service center since the HP people themselves gonna come to the house to fix it. On top of that I got free stuff buying this: the RM 30 shopping vouchers and the stereo headset (okay, I know that headset is kinda lame, lol). Still, who doesn't like free stuff? :)

    Anyway, next cycle of PC Fair gonna hit the country again starting... next week! As for KL Convention Center, the event gonna take place on 29-31 July. So, to the gadget freaks out there - mark your calendar!