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Rocking Spring/Summer Trends

    It's hot. Very, very hot. After seven months stepping down my foot on this country again, I can finally claim I can feel the heat which I used to four years back before I left to London. It's truly heating up and I think the temperature today reaches up to 35 degree C. And it's humid, making the ambience around felt a bit stuffy. When I told my mates about how hot the climate is, they said "congratulations, your fat cells finally melted after being frozen in the UK for years!" Lol. Kinda true. (nak kena pelempang masin la tu...huhu) Nevertheless, it's a blessing in disguise too coz the water is also warming up - making the shower in the early morning is truly a cosy one rather than too cextremely chill like in the early months this year. In other words, I don't need extra heating for that!

    Anyway. If last year I would definitely know in my heart when temperature started to hike, it ought to be the start of a new season: Spring/Summer! And spring/summer it is coz it's time to rock into a new trend.

    So, what do I have in my wardrobe to sort of do the look for the new season? Flipping back to the previous entries and also browsing the magazines and online previews, these are what I came up with. The key trends for Spring/Summer 2011...

    The stripes : whether sailor, breton, macro, all-the-way stripes... this IS the SS11 major trend!
    From left: H&M vest, Gap polo shirt, Asos 3/4 tee, Burton self-cropped grandad tee,
    Peace Corps @ Topman long-sleeve tee, Asos 3/4 tee, Padini V-neck knitted tee, ADAM @ He By Mango cardi.

    The Colors: there's a huge burst of colors this season. In fact people are talking color-blocking!
    From left: H&M vest, Asos 3/4 tee, Zara tee, Topman organic cotton tee, Topman organic cotton tee,
    SEED knitted tee, H&M vest, H&M cardi, Asos 3/4 tee, H&M sweater

    The Florals: it's super duper flower power!
    From left: Zaatchi @ The Sting, H&M bib front shirt, Zaatchi @ The Sting, H&M, Benetton, H&M, Topman.

    The Denims: lightweight denim and chambrays make a comeback.
    From left: Key Ng bag, +J @ Uniqlo graphite lightweight denim,
    River Island, Next, +J @ Uniqlo indigo lightweight denim shirt.

    The Whites : Always a favorite. Always pure and simple. Always classic and effortless.
    From left: Benetton bib-front shirt, H&M lightweight summer shirt, Burton grandad shirt, Zara tee,
    Zara 3/4 tee, Uniqlo studded sleeve tee, Asos Black lapel-less shirt, Red Herring @ Debenhams tee,
    Zara lightweight cotton hooded sweater.

    The Nudes & Earth Tones : flesh tones, taupe, sand... is a spring/summer staple.
    From left: H&M vest, Asos vest, Zara frill-front shirt, Asos shirt, Asos 3/4 tee, H&M sweater.