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Self Portrait. Almost.

    Today is by far the hottest day I've ever experience since my return. I know, yesterday I said the same thing - but today it felt even hotter. I guess the mercury really spiked up so high that everywhere I go I saw people down nothing but iced drink. Thankfully my time is fully in the office today, cooled down by the centralised aircond from the nearby Gas District Cooling plant. Otherwise... me and all of those people who's working on the pavillion level would be drench in a river of sweat!

    Today is also one very productive day, though it's quite weird given that Monday people are always succumbed to the Monday Blues phenomenon. But not for me...from morning my time is full with preparing my part of proposal for the big research project that my group has been working on since early this year. Then followed by a series of tea breaks and lunches which all of us in the office are obliged to join since there's a visitor coming. It's free flow of food. Am I oblidged!? It's a must attend!. Then at noon it was a meeting... finished late till 7.00 pm. Indeed my supposedly 8-5 is being more than fully utilized on this day, Monday!

    Went back home, my body need a rest. Yet, inside the house is merely felt like a preheated oven since the radiation from the sun coming down went perfectly into the house, warming things up. So much for the Feng Shui, huh? Anyway... I intended to take a quick 10-mins nap under the fully-powered ceiling fan, but it turned out I passed out for almost 2 hours! (tapi tu lepas aku semayang dulu la tau..!). Probably because of exhaustion, not having my usual power nap during the afternoon break... that's why I just slipped into a great slumber just now.  

    So, I woke up and saw my DSLR. As usual, I like taking my pix right after waking up from sleep coz as my friend used to say nak tengok orang tu cun ker tidak, tengok dia masa lepas bangun tido. I've done it before and I did it again. The result?

    The self portrait. Almost.

    p/s: cun sangat la kan...prashaham..ekekeke.

    wearing Bench watch and Topman wing rings.