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    [pix from the star]

    An interesting article from the New Straits Times. It's about the women's shoe addiction. One thing that keep me puzzled: £36 spent on a pair of shoes? This oughtta be the highstreet one!

    Nevertheless, there is also some men out there *cough* who also has an obsession on shoes... *cough, cough* =)


    It's not just the Victoria Beckhams in this world who can't resist a new pair of heels - however unsuitable. Almost every woman has a collection of shoes which will never see the light of the day, research suggests. While the average British female owns 20 pair, 11 of those pairs worth a probable total of £400 will remain tucked away in the wardrobe awaiting for the right occasion that never comes.

    Despite leaving more than half of their footwear to gather dust, most women will continue to fuel their shoe addiction, splashing out on an additional eight new pairs a year. Nearly a third of the 3000 women surveyed even admitted forking out on shoes that were the wrong size, just because they liked them.

    According to the study by Cooperative Insurance, the average spent ona pair of shoes is £36, so eight pairs a year would cost £288. However. 10 percent of those polled admitted spending at least £600 a year. There is a simple explanation, said behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, author of the book Shoes and Shopping,

    "Shoes hold all sorts of promises and expectations. They can transform an outfit, lengthen legs and make us taller and appear slimmer and, most of all, they are forgiving. We may put on a few extra pounds, but our shoes will always fit us!"

    More than a third of women (37%) said they bought shoes to cheer them up. Other reasons are to go with a new outfit (52%), to stay on trend (1.8%) and to fuel shoe obsession (10%).


    [from original article in the NST]