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Something for the Weekend

    Do you sometimes had that moment when you feel you have nothing to wear despite you're actually having A LOT of stuff in your wardrobe? Or during which you feel you dunno how to pair things with what. Is this jeans look good with this tee? Does this sneakers go well with this trousers? Can I bring this bag so that it looks cool rather than cllkkkgghhh (that's the weird sound I always make when I hate things)? Or sometimes have that moment you think do my bum looks big in this? (Thankfully for JLo, it's what she look for!)

    That is why reading a 'lookbook' can be very helpful. Either from high-end designer labels to the highstreet brands, lookbook could assist you to plan your outfit. Either to suit the color scheme of the day, or to go with certain theme - lookbook can help you 'feel the moment'.

    One of the lookbook is this one by Asos, posted in their facebook page under the 'Something for the Weekend' tag. Quite cool, though some of the pieces featured are not to my likings either. C'mon, I don't wear a parka, or sling those messanger bags, or don those non-slimming-look clothes. Nonetheless I love the overall scheme or theme they showed. How they play with colors, the textures and the patterns; it's brilliant. And the best part, you can always get the pieces from their online shopping site too.

    So, lookbook. Do you have any plan to wear this weekend? :)

    [pix from asos fb page]