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The Spectacular Royal Wedding

    I was late from work last Friday when I decided to come home at half past 5. I was about to stay a bit longer but something inside is telling me to rush home coz there's something special might happen. I dunno what's the special that my guts is trying to yell inside... but all these while I always trust my instict and it never betrays me.

    As soon as I reached home, I put down my bags and stuff - and I swictched on the tele. I seldom watch TV, and that's why I never own Astro at home (the satellite tv) till now coz I know I'd have no time to be a couch potato. But that day as if some magic happen, my finger is too itchy to flick the remote - and VOILA... it's the Royal Wedding!

    Oh my God! I just can't believe that I was on time! I didn't know that NTV7 gonna do a full coverage coz from what I heard only one special channel in Astro is broadcasting the full ceremony. But, man... am I lucky or what? And the best thing - though I've missed all the 'prior the entrance' part of the show, as soon as I switched on the TV, I saw William and Harry were walking down to the altar, while Kate.. ehem, Catherine Middleton was making her way to the aisle with her dad and sis, Pippa.

    I have to say I've just stucked to the screen like nothing gonna move me from my position! I am thankful that my Phillips HDTV is truly playing its role in giving me just that - high definition. In big screen. Live! And I can see closer than ever to the newlywed couple unlike others in the hall.

    Everything is just spectacular. The ceremony in all is in full grandeur, accompanied by the magnificent facade of the Gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey that somehow brought the essence of fairy tale to the holy metrimony. In fact every bit of the procession as if swiftly throw you into a Cinderella story (no, not the Cinderella Story starring Hillary Duff and Chad Micheal Murray okay). The long walk to the aisle, the greenery inside the hall (which is made by the trees specially planted inside), the huge number of crowd which comprises of the kings and queens and the princes and princesses (and Mario Testino, David and Victoria Beckham), the horse carriage and full pagentry back to the palace - it's all in full grandeur.

    Mentioning the pageantry, this is something that you won't see anywhere else. It's only in the British monarch which I think you get this whole thing happening in fabtabulous manner. And did you see the crowd? Oh my, that's one thing that I really missed about London. Londoners (and Brits, in general) is always unify when it comes to celebration. Everybody comes together regardless of who you are or what you are. You always make friends with someone beside you no matter you've never seen them before. If you wanna feel what I've faced through during the red carpet events at Leicester Square in London, it is something like that. The crowd, the police and security and all... But this one, the Royal Wedding, the crowd probably multiply 1000 times more!!

    And of course, everyone's talking about Catherine's dress. All questions answered when it is finally truthfully revealed that it is a design from the Alexander McQueen's fashion house. A vintage ivory wedding dress which is commissioned under the supervision of Sarah Burton. Something simple yet elegent. Something that is timeless and classic. The lace bolero top with sweetheart bodice, coupled with a veil and long train which is very beautiful. Well, probably beautiful is an understated word, but yes... it is beautiful. Though at first I tried to digest how it would compare to the Princess Diana's dress? The fact is they don't. And they won't be compared. They are different in their own right.

    The late Princess Diana's dress might exude the extragavance of the 80s in the pouff and fluff and amazingly long train in the history, but Catherine Middleton's on the other hand silently bellows the simplicity chic of the new millennium. A dress that throws you into the future, yet also brings its historic attributes too. The dress is also such a huge statement especially in the current austerity period - strip all the extragance, just go with a classic, pure and simple dress which is equally spectacular in its own way. And it's a McQueen - what more statement would you want?

    To the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, may you live happily ever after. The fairy tale has now rewrtitten a new story.

    p/s: wonder what title would I take if I marry a Brit's Royal: Duke of Oxford Street, perhaps? ahaks!

    [pix via racked national, daily mail uk]