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Style to Steal: Of Kors It's Do-able!

    Somehow it gave me a sense of déjà vu. Not Deja Voodoo Spells, or Deja Moss (both are music people btw), but a real déjà vu.

    When I saw Simon Nessman out on the catwalk with Karmen in the previous Michael Kors FW11 show, I really love what I'm seeing. Not just about Simon's straightened hair, but the outfit. The color, the urban mood, the clean silhouette and the cut which I think is an understated cool. I'm a big fan of grey, coz I always associate that with the city and modern feel. To see that color again for fall/winter in fresher hues and texture ... that's just a great welcoming feel of a new season.

    And then came the other model. Bam!! Something just hit my mind. And then out AJ in the oversized quilted jacket reminisces my Ikea 365+ duvet. Bam!! again. Did I just see the recurring theme here? Looking down, down and down... did I see what I see? Does it somehow give me some kind of déjà vu? Where have I seen the grey pants and grey suede boots combination before?

    Wait a minute, hey, I have that in my wardrobe?!

    [pix from]

    I opened up my wardrobe and took out the pieces which I think resembles Michael Kors'. My River Island wool trousers which I bought in Winter 2009 paired with the Jimmy Choo x H&M grey suede boots. Isn't that appear similar to MK's look? At least thru my eyes, I think so. And I think I've just stolen the style. (Or is it vice versa? Ha!).

    So, Michael Kors FW11 - it's just do-able... without even have to spend any more dosh!

    Mentioning that Jimmy Choo, it seems that words had spread like a bushfire across the office that I wear Choo shoes. I know, I know... and I know you know that too that it's not really a Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo, rather a highstreet Jimmy Choo (the H&M collaboration, remember?), but the brand really elevate my image a bit, nonetheless. 

    There's a friend of mine the other weeks, approaches me while I was having my tea during a  break after a meeting. He asked me one question which I never expected would ever come from his mouth, "I heard that you wear a different shoes every day, is it?"

    I just giggle coz it sounds quite funny. "Yes, I do", I answered since it's the real truth anyway. Something which is not a secret to anybody who knows me.

    And he added, "I heard you wear Jimmy Choo, is it true?"

    This, I just burst into laughter. I dunno what cracks me up, coz if you see that friend you would do the same. I wouldn't expect in million years that question would be asked by him, and it's just a funny thing to hear.

    He even had a gut to tell my other friend sitting in front of me, "Eh, you know Jimmy Choo shoes is very expensive one!! Only celebrities wear ooo..." Oh, my... he knows that too? Lol.

    But I just politely replied "Yes, I am". I do wear Jimmy Choo shoes, as much as I wear my Armani, Prada, Fendi and Gucci. Though it's only a Jimmy Choo for H&M, the name really carries the brand. And fortunately, it helps to boost my own branding as well! Sekian terima kasih. :)

    kena really bersykur dpt pakai kasut2 macam ni...