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Too Much Is Not Enough?

    I recently went to Ikea to buy the Bumerang hangers. My niece used to ask me why do I have to go all the way, driving that far just to get the hangers while I can just buy quite similar ones at other stores? At Jusco or Tesco for example, then I don't have to pay for the mileage and fuel and toll....etc..etc, right? Wrong. The thing is, Bumerang hangers from Ikea is the cheapest I can find out there. I'm not kidding. RM23 for 8, compared to three hangers for RM20 at other stores, where can I find something that price?! Plus, it looks simple and chic, the quality is good, it won't get discolored or stain the fabric, and its proven to be an Ikea classic as well. Isn't that what we call chiconomics?

    Anyway, back to the story. I'm not really keen about clothes to be kept folded coz they are prone to mold which could damage the fabric.  The humidity in the wardrobe could also make it sweats. This time I bought additional 40 hangers in the hope that all of them could be 'revived' from their slumber and join the line up on the rails just like the others. During my previous trips to Ikea I bought quite many hangers already - about 200 - so my hopes are really up there that this time everything can be hanged. So, do I achieve the objective?

    The result is, kind of. Let's just say I underestimated the amount. 40 more hangers a big number? Doesn't seem that's the case and I am quite surpise that it seems too much is still not enough. There's many clothes in the cupboard that doesn't have the chance to  join the line up on the rails. Still plenty have to be left, keeping it to be attacked by the mold. What a pity.

    It was then brought me to one big question : why didn't I do a headcount first before I buy. And do I realise how many clothes do I really have??

    Well, the last question remains a mystery.

    Looking at my 'walk-in', I kinda think it looks a bit like what Karl Lagerfeld have. Or probably the Vogue's wardrobe featured in The September Issue. Or perhaps, just like EEN store at Amsterdam. But whatever it is everytime I walk into it, I feel like I'm in H&M! :)

    Karl Lagerfeld's walk-in wardrobe in Lagerfeld Confidential

    The wardrobe at Vogue HQ in The September Issue

    EEN Amsterdam store (pix from hypebeast)