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Who's Gonna Get This?

    I like what I saw, I shop what I like. Whether it's for me for or for other people it doesn't matter. As long as it looks good, that's the only thing is important to me.

    When I went to the Padini Concept store recently, I saw this bag on the upper shelf at P&Co section. Suddenly I shouted, Chanel!! coz the pattern of the tweed-like fabric really looks everything Chanel is famous for. As well as the checks pattern that is so chic. Another twist - the top flap open just like Mulberry Bayswater... adding the hit two birds with one stone concept to this bag.

    And it's on sale, so I snap it fast coz it's the only one left. Oh no, don't get confused, this bag is not for me coz it's absolutely for the ladies. The question now is: which of my nieces gonna get this? Or probably their mothers want it, perhaps. Hmmmm....

    p/s: doesn't everyone wish I'm their uncle now? ahaks!