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Who Need a Modelling School?

    Really, who need to go to a modelling school? I heard there're fashion design schools like Parson's in New York or the one that my friend Amir went to which is London College of Fashion at London West End. I also heard about samba school in Brazil. Or Chemical Engineering school (which I went to!), or just school school. Or school of fish (which is a different story btw). But a modelling school? Is there any? Seriously, who need one when you have America's Next Top Model? Ha! (that's according to Jason Godfrey for ANTM 15 promo...)

    Anyway, cycle 16 ANTM is finishing soon and this time they were at Morocco for the finale. Who's the winner and who do you think is gonna be eliminated tonite? (girls catfight = fun entertainment!)

    Questioning the statement in the clip: is the stereotype in the modelling world still exists? Erm.. I think nowadays they started to use full-figured model too, like Tocarra for Evans campaign or Crystal Ren for Chanel. They're many diversity and opportunities currently in the market. And to be 6 feet? I don't think so coz people at various heights could still be good models. Well, you probably won't make it big on the mainstream like Milan or Paris, yet can still do decent modelling somewhere at any continents! Beauty comes in many sizes, remember?

    The most important I think is the attitude. Got a right one, then you rock the fashion world. In fact, you rock in any world!

    Wanna know how is it like to be a model? They're just like you and me. You might think they did a glamorous job, but in reality it's not all that glitters. Lots of running around, walking around, trying around, going to go sees, having to compete with your peers and lots of waiting too. It's hard work, just like other jobs.

    Some of the male top models out there who made it big in the fashion industry - William Eustace, who is currently fronting the Zegna campaign, and Ryan Taylor who used to grace the Uniqlo ad last Fall/Winter 2008 and made a comeback to the catwalk scene. They didn't go to modelling school I guess. Wanna see how they gone through their daily life as a model? Watch the clips...