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Would You Mix Pattern?

    In the word of chic fashion, you shouldn't mix pattern if you wanna maintain the streamlined simplicity in your look. Even if you wanna use pattern like stripes, checks or prints, make sure it's minimum or perhaps, it should be barely there. Otherwise you wouldn't achieve the objective and fall under the non-chiciness black hole.

    Yet, in the word of GQ; be dare, be brave, go on ... mix pattern coz you never know what you might get out of it. Okay, not really a real GQ statement there - but if you read the mag time after time since the past years, perhaps that's the essence they trying to point out discreetly. Or at least that's what I think they are.

    Btw, in the GQ webitorial the editors agree that you can mix pattern. In fact one designer went to a greater length to use stripes and checks in one ensemble. It's Thom Browne who pushes the envelop and brought a style satire into a another level by using three-pattern mix in the previous SS11 presentation. You probably have seen people did double or triple denim (erm, that includes me as well), but have you seen people did triple-stripes? Thought you haven't. Wouldn't it be too tacky, especially if you wear it to the office?

    Nope, if you know how to play it well. At least not to the GQ office, no. Ha!

    [pix from gq style]