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31 Post Ideas for Fashion Blogs

    I read an article in the Independent Fashion Bloggers site the other day and was drawn to what you can write if your blog falls under the 'Fashion Blog' tagline. Or maybe not, coz it's quite generic nonetheless - any blog can do it too, in fact.  With the King's b'day break is already here, plus the school mid-sem holiday still going on - I think lots of people would rather go out, having vacation and enjoying the scene rather than staying put inside the house, stuck on the netbook screen. You know there're lots of things to do, right... so go! Get inpired with what you see out there. Oh, off that iPhone and iPad too. Don't you dare browse the web!

    Anyway, if you stuck on ideas on what you wanna write for your next post, hopefully these 31 ideas from Jennine @ IFB could inspire you...
    1. Your Outfit: What are you wearing right now? How can it help your readers stay inspired about their wardrobe? [you've seen mine..:D]
    2. A Friend’s Outfit: Who inspires you the most? Maybe they don’t have a blog… maybe it’s time to get them on yours!
    3. Recent Purchase: Did you buy something recently? Well, do share with us! [ooh, I have a couple of new stuff... so, watch this space!]
    4. What’s on your wish list: Ok, we all want something, what are you searching for? Floral shirt, stripe tee? Sandals, sneakers? What are your picks right now? [I want more calvin klein watches...huhu]
    5. DIY project: Even for the most un-crafty such as myself… it’s good to see DIY tricks from all levels. [wait for some of my crafts project coming up soon...]
    6. Recreate a look: Saw an outfit you loved and was able to recreate it from what’s in your closet. That’s a story!
    7. Trends that mean something to you: Pick a trend and personalize it, it might make for a compelling post.
    8. Your favorite item of clothing at the moment: What are you loving in your closet right now? The thing you can’t live without? Your absolute best purchase and why.
    9. A fashion problem you have.. Having a hard time finding flattering jeans? Or suit for a special occasion? [hmm... I should think how to dress someone to the prom. :D]
    10. A solution you found… How did you find the perfect pair of jeans? Do tell!
    11. Your closet: How do you keep your clothes? [oh, c'mon. you've seen mine. click. click]
    12. Your dad's closet, uncle's wardrobe, brothers, friends… etc. Do you have an organizational whiz for a dad? Maybe do a comparison!
    13. Your home: Sometimes we like to get to know how you live! [oh, you've already seen mine too. click]
    14. A trip you took or are taking: How do people dress, where did you shop? What did you see? It can be the next town over or across the globe, it’s always nice to see somewhere new! [you've read about my Paris trip, right? click, click, click]
    15. What you pack for a trip: Even going to the beach? What do you bring?
    16. Holidays! Every month has one, King's Birthday is this weekend…!
    17. Family photos: What did your dad look like in the 70′s? Grandpa in the 40′s? It’s always great to see vintage pics with a personal touch.
    18. A family heirloom: Grandpa’s ring, Dad's shoes, Uncle's leather biker jacket, brother's jeans. All pieces you can style in and make for a great post.
    19. A shop you frequent: What’s your favorite local boutique? I’m sure they’d love the coverage!
    20. Tell the story about an outfit you wore on an important day: What did you wear on your first day with your wife/girlfriend? What did you wear to your graduation? On your 17th birthday? Or 30th birthday? Can you recreate it and tell the story about why the day was special to you? [i got the best b'day card previously. click]
    21. What you wear on your days off: Do you slum it? Or dress to the nines?
    22. What you wear to work: Do you wear a uniform? Do you have to be corporate? Dress down? How do you dress for your work identity?
    23. What you wear to bed: This can be a racy post if go commando (yikes!)… but if not, what kind of sleep wear would you recommend to your readers?
    24. What you wear to the gym… Are you the kind of person who wears an old tee shirt and shorts or one who wears those leggings underneath the designer short? Alexander Wang pieces, perhaps?
    25. What magazine are you loving this month? Does GQ and Men's Health have a great article this month or did you find a great new magazine? Oh, you should get this month's August Man and also Glam, featuring Hana Toolseram.
    26. What’s your favorite blog this month? Share the love…we all love finding new blogs.
    27. Books: Read a fashion related book and post about it.
    28. Film: Write about a film that inspired your style.
    29. Museums: Talk about how an exhibit inspired you.
    30. Concerts: Music and fashion often go hand in hand.
    31. Theater: Have you seen a play recently? What were the costumes like? How do they compare with film?
    Hey, and if all else fails, you can always write a list post.
    Happy Friday!

    p/s: Do share it here if you have more ideas to write for the next post.

    [most phrases is copied directly from original post]