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Aldo 'Yingst' Gladiator Sandal

    Summer 2011 would probably be one of the best when it comes to footwear coz there's a lot of sandals to choose from. Either highstreet or the high end labels, there're plenty of variety to let your feet breath while you walk. And what is more interesting, one of the big trend is the existence of a new hybrid of sandal - a cross between a gladiator and a sneakers. Or in my previous post I called a 'shladiator'. Perhaps I could remind you a little bit here...

    As much as Kurt Geiger KG Malia is looking hot as it is, another contender on the highstreet i.e. Aldo also come up with their own version. Codename: Yingst, this 'shlad' got a similar design with the center laces, a cutout body and high-top upper that would hold your feet better while you strut your stuff on the street.

    I think its design really owed to what McQueen used to do - the Clamity gladiator sandals with its ribcage-lookalike body. Or in my own words I'd say the Yingst is a kinder, more alpha male version of Clamity or even Castillo. Yet, it's equally fierce!

    [pix from aldo]