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BigFat 'Cool Holiday' Collection?

    It's been very warm down here in the valley. So warm that even the fully-powered fan couldn't do its job very well. Coupled with the humid weather, the ambience felt a bit stuffy and sweaty (steamy? ha!). One way to avoid all those condition is to take myself up, up and away. No not to the sky, but almost there. On the highlands, hundreds of meters above the sea level. It's much cooler over there since the temperature is normally 6-7 degrees less than in the valley.

    As I mentioned in the previous post, Cameron Highlands is quite close to my house - about 40 mins journey - where the Louis Vuitton menswear ad campaign for SS11 is shot. Going up there, one way to avoid the cool weather being too harsh to the body is to wear long sleeves. Since I can still feel a bit of heat warming up (though not as scorching as down here), the fabric of choice would definitely cotton or linen-based. It can absorb sweats better, while the long sleeves could also protect the chill at the same time.

    Opening up my wardrobe, there are a selected few which I can consider to be taken together with me. Most are cardi, some are sweater and there's also long-sleeve tee. I also like the three-quarter sleeve merino cardi which by pairing up with the tee inside would be okay to avoid the chill.