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Can You Bookmark Other Entries too?

    It's time to take a break and have a time-off from everything for a short while. A minor pause I would say (read: minor pause, not a menopause!). There's a long weekend coming up - the King's birthday this Saturday, and the company is giving a day off tomorrow as a replacement - plus now that it's the school mid-semester break, so I think this is the perfect time to really go off for some holiday. I dunno that holiday is really gonna be a vacation away from home or just a staycation in my own hotel room, erm.. by that I mean my own bedroom (just like in the pix!).

    Within this one-week period life has been so inspiring and inspired. Last week my old school came visit to the Uni by which I casually invited through their facebook page a couple of months back. I haven't gone back to my school for more than 15 years ever since I left SPM. It's amazing to got to meet the rep of the school again though there're no familiar faces in the crowd. And what is amazing is realizing how I am, where I am and what I am now which is one of their product. I'm not from a boarding school, not from a Bestari school, and not even from the top school in the state. In fact I was from a day school in a rural area, which is only known for having so much 'K's in the acronym. Nonetheless that doesn't stop me from being what I wanna be. Be successful in life; though I know success is not a milestone, rather it's an ongoing process. I know I've achieved so many things in life, but there're still so much more to do. I'm just a small town boy with a BigFat dreams, that's all!

    When I look at the students, I can see through their eyes there's a gleam of hope. A hope that they could break away from the stigma saying that a person in a remote areas cannot achieve a sweet taste of success. And be proud of who you are regardless of where you studied previously. A hope that they could also do the same thing what i did that day - going back to the roots again, to nurture other's hope and dreams and to aspire to succeed. A hope that one day they could be like where I am now. No, not be like me, but achieve something in life. (no way i wanna make them having 100+ pair of shoes, huh?).

    In fact in the comment, one student stated "I dunno whether I can be like the one in the black suit?". Then answer is simple: yes you can. Just study smart, do lots of prayers, perservere, be patient, plant a big dream in your head and make that dream a reality! Even if you're from a rural school, one thing you should adhere is: it doesn't matter where you start, what matter most is where you end. Easy. And oh, always be thankful.

    Mentioning that black suit, my niece text me the other day, "...nampak semakin sihat ni!". upon seeing the photo. In other words, it means you look fat! On the same day, a friend in the facebook commented, "boss, nampak gemuk now...". Funny coz I think it's the angle that made me look a bit..erm.. gaining weight. Erks!! But tak kesahlah coz I should be thankful since it's very, very hard for me to gain weight. To gain one-kg I need almost two weeks, that alone is by eating 5 times a day. But to lose 1 kg, I can just skip one meal and it'll be gone overnight! (How sometimes life's not fair!)

    Anyway. Talking about inspiring and inspired, yesterday I've been interviewed by some lovely 'press' people about my life. Kinda weird coz I don't really see myself TOO successful to be giving any interview stuff about achievement. At least not at this stage and this age, no. The interview took almost 2 hours, and bombarded with many questions from four lovely ladies: from my family to my education background, my teaching method, how I deal with stress, my charity work, and bla bla bla... It's more like a sharing session between me and them. The only thing is they'll be writing a 3000-words story about me later on and be read by many people. Weird, but it's pretty cool!

    Btw, going back to my old school, I've been invited to visit there again. At last I can return to see my old teachers whom some just retired recently. In fact I was thinking of doing a road tour too, to keep on giving hope to people that you can achieve anything in life if you put your heart and soul to it. And by doing that I wish I could do my part in the public social responsibilites (PSR) which go in line with the company's brand essense: Energy Receives, Energy Returns. Somehow, somewhere I hope I will aspire people everywhere too!

    Okay, what a story I wrote up there, huh? Now about this blog, I realized that there seem to be many bookmarkers out there. Are you too inspired by reading what I've written? Hmmm... hope so, though some entries are just rubbish. There're readers who bookmarked the entries when I first started this blog back in 2008, which is quite surprising coz I don't really know if people read this blog back then. Some are new readers which started to bookmark the recent entries. I know you happen to realise that blog like this do exist, huh? Ahaks! Whatever it is, i should be thankful to all coz I want people to read or follow this blog without having being forced to. Much like being a diamond in the rough, you found it by chance and realise it's really worth it. Ha! (perasan la plak aku...)

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    Hope you like what you're reading today, cos I'm off for a break. Don't worry, there'll be some scheduled post coming up to keep you occupied! =)

    Merci beaucoup!